Let’s hear it for aisle seats

March 16, 2010

Дорогые Друзья (Dear Friends),

Today I finalized my seating arrangements for the long haul to Moscow, which I will be in the midst of exactly one week from today. I was pulling for an emergency exit row for the extra leg room, but ended up settling on an aisle seat in the 28th row.

That little green box is me en route to Mother Russia

The anticipation is eating me alive at this point, and even the most mundane event regarding the trip seems to me a momentous occasion. Count down with me, only 7 days left stateside.


One Response to “Let’s hear it for aisle seats”

  1. Pappy Says:

    It looks to me from the seating layout like this might be a 777. If so, the leg room is pretty comfortable even in the standard aisle seats. I’m glad that you’re excited about this amazing opportunity and even though I’ll miss you while you’re gone, I’m excited for you as well.

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