The fondest of farewells

March 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was an unusual day to say the least. It was my last full day in North Canton, making it the last day I’d be sleeping in my own bed until June. But more about the nature of the day:

1) Annie and I stayed in Lakewood Saturday following a Sidekicks show at the Grog Shop, and for breakfast Steve and Trevor accompanied us to Borderline, which is in my opinion the best breakfast in Cleveland.

2) We drove home and decided to drop by Borders to kill some time before meeting my parents for some Mexican food. Little did we know that Dog the Bounty Hunter, yes, Dog The Bounty Hunter, was at our Borders signing books. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the man himself thanks to his numerous and sketchy security detail.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's RV thing

I did manage to get a picture of his epic RV thing though. I tried to get a shot of the model citizens at the gathering, but I didn’t want to risk angering them.

3) After all the excitement of Dog the Bounty Hunter, it was off to Tlaquepaque for some Mexican food. Whenever consuming Mexican food, it’s a good idea to have Dos Equis by your side, so naturally I ordered one. While I was expecting a standard 16 oz. pint, the waitress had something else in mind and asked if I wanted a large or small. Because the large was only $4, I figured I’d opt for the large.

That's Bob's beer on the right for scale. As you can see, he was quite impressed.

4) After all this fun, we drove to Kent to meet up with Ashley and her friends at the Zephyr, and had a grand old time.

Now it’s on to Columbus to my aunt and uncle’s house for a little last minute get together-ing. This time tomorrow I will be waiting for my final jaunt to Moscow in JFK.

The time at home was brief, but lots of fun. I’m glad I got to see all of you before the trip. Let’s keep in touch!




2 Responses to “The fondest of farewells”

  1. Conor Says:

    Have fun brother bear. Keep your head up, as I don’t want you to be mobbed too hard by post cold-war awesomeness.

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