Obligatory tourist-y photos

March 25, 2010

Здравствуйте из Москвы (Hello from Moscow),

We have a lot of catching up to do, mainly because so much is happening over such a short period of time! Our first day was grueling, we got straight off the plane and headed to Школа Китайгородской (the school at which we are studying, pronounced Sh-KO-la Key-thai-gah-ROAD-skoi) and ended up speaking English with the elementary level college students there, which is exactly not what we were expecting. We were all extremely tired after the non-stop traveling from Moscow and we waited nervously at the school for our host parents to come and pick us up individually.

Moscow airport inside view, this is about where the English stops in Moscow.

Moscow airport street view, no English on the outside mind you!

Traffic in Moscow is absolutely crazy and free of rules for the most part. In some places there aren’t any lanes on the street, and there are absolutely no parking meters; in a city of 10 million. This makes parking an absolute free-for-all, with cars parked on sidewalks, double-parked, cars parked in medians, everywhere you could imagine.

Sample of Moscow traffic, those cars are baring down on us and another lane while we turn left, if you can't tell.

My host family has been more than warm and welcoming, and I’m living in the apartment caddy-corner to the one occupied by the mother and father. I’m living with one of their older sons, Yasha, and I haven’t yet worked up the courage to ask for pictures with them. They are great people and we share each meal together. They challenge me to speak Russian because they speak close to no English. It’s tough to communicate everything I would like to, but I’m already learning important things from them and I can tell that this is definitely the way to see Russia.

Though I don’t have pictures of my family (including the dog) yet, I did take a few pictures from my bedroom window.

Looking straight out.

Looking a little to the right.

Now, I’m usually opposed to pictures of monuments and famous stuff because two minutes on Google will yield better ones than I will ever take. However, I know my mom will flip if I don’t post these things, so bear with me.

Today we took a bus tour of Moscow that took a few hours, and essentially took us all throughout the city. We visited the Kremlin, Moscow State, Red Square, etc. for hours on end. I took pictures, as did everyone else on the tour making us look like the stereotypical out-of-towners.

View from Moscow State, highest point in Moscow.

Again from Moscow state. Trevor lives within walking distance of this place, and it must be said that it is way more breath-taking in person.

Moscow State itself. This building is truly huge and is one of the "Seven Sisters of Moscow." There are six other buildings that look almost exactly like it.

Another of the Seven Sisters, this is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Looks just like Moscow State, no?

Moscow River to the right, Kremlin to the left and awesome Moscow Traffic in the middle.

The Duma

Entrance to Red Square. The guy on the horse is General Zhukov, he was a WWII hero.

St. Basil's from Red Square.

Finally, the coup de'gras, Lenin's Mausoleum.

Give me a break on those pictures, most were shot from a moving bus. All in all, today was a great day. My host mother took me to school and I was able to navigate the Metro system back home in the vastness and chaos of Moscow. It’s funny how much more at home I felt after only one day here.

Ah, final anecdote. Yasha and I went to a little mall that’s about two blocks from our apartment building to purchase me a working cell phone. At the booth, we had to present our passports. The guy working behind the desk was awestruck by my passport. He had never seen an American passport, and he found it quite beautiful. He looked it over thoroughly and handed it back to me so he could continue our transaction. Moments later, he asked for it back to examine it some more. It was a pleasant interaction that put the cherry on top of an already incredible day.

Once again, my computer is about to crap out, and I fear that this entry is quickly getting too long. So for now, I’ll say goodbye comrades.

На Завтра (till tomorrow),



5 Responses to “Obligatory tourist-y photos”

  1. emilee Says:

    tell trevor to write something, because i know he won’t write that much and it makes me worried!

    • Kevin Says:

      Trevor’s host family doesn’t have wireless internet, which is why he’s super slow with updates. I’ve been telling him he needs to get on it.

  2. Nina Says:


    Everything looks really awesome thus far, the pictures look beautiful. Can’t wait for pictures of the family and the dog.

    Miss you a lot, shared your wordpress with my mom and she’s loving the updates.

    – Neen

  3. steve davis Says:

    Finally got a short e-mail from Trevor. He’s a man of few words.

    Listen to your mother. Keep posting those photos!

    (BTW, loved the Beer/Bob shot.)

  4. Julianne Davis Says:

    If it wasn’t for YOUR blog, we wouldn’t have known Trevor made it. Enjoying the updates and “touristy” pics : ) Have fun exploring your first weekend Russian style!

    – Julianne

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