Good news from Moscow

March 29, 2010

Всё будет хорошо (Everything will be fine),

Hello again, I don’t mean to overload you with updates today, but before the unfortunate interruption I had hoped to post some photos from this weekend that I couldn’t post earlier.

As I was saying earlier, we spent most of Saturday just checking out the area around the Kremlin. It’s a truly beautiful area, and one of the most scenic in all of Moscow. It’s a great place to wander aimlessly, and that’s exactly what we did.

St. Basil's again. I just can't get over this place. It looks kind of ridiculous to be honest, but for some reason I just think it's beautiful.

The Kremlin wall.

After wandering along the river for a while, we came across a place we had heard about on our bus tour earlier in the week. The river runs right through the heart of Moscow and there are numerous picturesque footbridges that cross it. There is one, however, that has these small metal trees running down the center of it. On each of these trees, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of locks of all shapes, sizes and makes.

Two of the many lock trees.

When Muscovites get married, many of them get a lock, put their names on it and secure it to one of these trees symbolizing the fact that they are now locked together for life. It sounds morose, the idea of being stuck with someone for life, but the reality is that on a nice day this bridge is filled with happy people toasting each other, wedding parties, brides and grooms, kids playing, aunts and uncles passing out champagne. It really makes you feel warm and fuzzy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This one says "Masha (common girl's name) and Sasha (a nickname for Aleksandr)"

I love this one because it's enormous, heart-shaped and was probably specially made.

Russian bike punks get married too.

Well, I’m glad this day is behind us, and I hope this post helps all of our families and friends rest a little easier. I hope you won’t think of Moscow as a war-torn dangerous place after the unfortunate events of today, because it truly isn’t.

I’m glad that everyone from our program is okay, and that’s the most important thing.




One Response to “Good news from Moscow”

  1. ashley Says:

    pal. so glad i found this!! i was so so terrified today when i saw the news. glad to see your pictures and know that you’re okay and will move past this crazy situation. don’t scare us anymore.

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