Two suicide bombings in Moscow this morning

March 29, 2010

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have heard that there were two suicide bombing attacks in Moscow this morning, each on a different Metro station. The attacks were carried out on two stations, Lubyanka Station and Park Kultury, on the red line, which runs parallel to the line on which Trevor and I live.

Tragically, 37 people have been killed, but luckily no one from our group of students was hurt.

I've added this map to give you an idea of where the attacks took place. The two stations circled in red were the ones attacked, and the third station circled in green is where our school is located.

We will be staying in Moscow as far as we know. Thanks for all of your concern and if you want to know more about the attacks, click here.


6 Responses to “Two suicide bombings in Moscow this morning”

  1. emilee Says:

    i almost started crying when i read the news just now but i called annie and she said you guys are fine. ugh. please be safe.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    thanks for the update Kevin. I just woke up to this news and was of course very worried. How scary! I’m relieved to know that you are all ok. But, it looks like the proximity of the incident was a little too close for comfort. I hope nothing more happens.
    Stay safe and keep up posted, like you have done so well.

  3. matt Says:

    dude, i was terrified. be careful, friend.

  4. Mike Says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok, man.

  5. caity Says:

    so happy you’re okay! be safe.

  6. Denise Says:

    Thanks for keeping all of us back home updated. We were so glad to hear that not only you, but your classmates are well. Keep taking it all in and enjoy… while staying safe of course!


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