Beer, everywhere

March 31, 2010

Hello everyone,

So, I really dropped the ball on getting pictures of the Kremlin. In Russia, you have to constantly check your coat or your bag everywhere you go. The rules about cameras and bags coming into the Kremlin are pretty ambiguous, and in the interest of not holding everyone up at the gate, I just checked my bag with my camera in it.

Unfortunately, exactly after I checked my bag and we made it inside the Kremlin walls, I saw several people walking around with Canon and Nikon cameras very similar to mine. Pictures are only allowed on the grounds of the Kremlin anyway, so i wouldn’t have been able to capture half of what we saw today. The grounds were incredibly beautiful though, and it was sort of bizarre to see the relics of some of the oldest tsars, mixed in with relics from the Napoleonic wars, mixed in with hammers and sickles and red stars, mixed in with the present day structure of the Russian government.

The rest of the day after the excursion was pretty uneventful. We were all very tired having walked all around the Kremlin the whole day, so we made our way back to that huge underground mall I told you about earlier, Okhotny Ryad, to get some much needed food.

A food court in a Russian shopping mall is pretty indistinguishable from a food court in an American shopping mall except for one important caveat. Well, two if you count everything being in Cyrillic. There is beer everywhere. I mean at every single place, you can buy beer. On tap, in a can, in a 1.5 liter bottle. Each and every place has beer. Opting for something easy that we both recognized, Trevor and I decided on Сбарро (Sbarro). Maybe I’m underestimating the popularity of Sbarro in the states, but those things seem to be everywhere in Moscow.

The food still sucks, but cheap draft beer makes even Sbarro seem ok.

Well, excursion day is over and tomorrow it’s back to class. I don’t really know what’s in store for this weekend, but I’m thinking I need to get out more.




2 Responses to “Beer, everywhere”

  1. Dad Says:

    I hope they have some good American beer over there, like Sam Adams ! Not just that Baltic swill

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