Successful Weekend in Moscow

April 4, 2010

Здравствуйте Товарищи (Hello Comrades),

I’m happy to report that the first week of classes is finally over, and our second full weekend of Muscovite living is underway. Yesterday after class, we decided to go see some of the sites and consume some of the beverages at the same time. First stop was Парк Победы (Park Pobedy), which means the “Park of Victory.”

Park Pobedy is an enormous stretch of land, to which I’ll be returning for better pictures, that was constructed to commemorate what Russians call the Great Patriotic War, WWII. The park is vast and filled with homages to Soviet efforts during the war, as well as a World War II history museum. Those of you with a more keen understanding of Soviet history will remember that the 1930s and 40s in the Soviet Union were not exactly the best of times, and consequently the museum offers the more sanitized state revisionist account of what actually happened. The park also has pieces of artillery, including old Soviet tanks, littered throughout it.

The park is also filled with little kiosks that sell beer and potato chips, making it easy to have a nice relaxing afternoon in the park.

Trevor having absolutely no fun.

Trying to take a self-portrait in Park Pobedy, but focusing on the table and lens cap instead of my beautiful face.

After a number of beers and a great deal of strolling at Park Pobedy, the sun had set and we decided to head for Red Square to catch a glimpse of the iconic spot all lit up. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered the night shot and I am still a terrible novice when it comes to photography, so you’ll have to rely on Google to find you some shots of the square at night.

In the interest of keeping the buzz alive, we headed into GUM (ГУМ) to purchase a few more tasty beers. Perched on the third floor overlooking the gallery, we drank and talked until it was time to head home.

View from the third floor.

Auxillary view

After GUM, we headed back to Trevor’s metro stop and decided to have one more half liter of Lowenbrau each. We sat on top of the metro station and finished our beers, and even ran into an American who spoke terrible Russian. It was a good night all told, and we sure did enjoy ourselves.

Cut to Sunday. At about one o’clock in the afternoon, I met up with Trevor and we headed back to Park Pobedy, because what is there to do on a beautiful day in Moscow besides go to the park.

On this visit, we got there with plenty of sunlight left for taking pictures, and we immediately sought out the tanks that we knew were scattered throughout the park.

Tanks! In Russia, they double as jungle gyms.

Trevor trying to get in.

Trevor trying a different way in.

View of Park Pobedy from the Metro.

The actual monument, it's huge.

Here's another one of those wedding parties I was telling you about. They like to have their pictures taken at famous places, and I guess that includes straddling tank barrels.

View from the base of the Obelisk.

Checking out the view.

One more of the Obelisk, it is pretty impressive.

I’ve got a lot more to post about Sunday, but my computer is running on reserve power and I’ve got to run. My host family and I colored eggs Russian style, and I have many more pictures coming so stay tuned!

Happy Easter everyone, or in Russian С Пасхой!




4 Responses to “Successful Weekend in Moscow”

  1. Julianne Davis Says:

    Just realized I could zoom in on your photos–how fun!! The GUM looks too beautiful to be a shopping center. I bet it’d really encourage someone’s spending habits ; ) Also, thanks for including Trevor in your blog, as he does not have such easy access to the World Wide Web 🙂

    PS: Have you had a chance to get your four-legged family member out for a stroll?

    • Kevin Says:

      You would love GUM Julianne, it’s filled with designer shops and it’s absolutely a beautiful building. I haven’t had a chance to walk with Gavrik, because that seems to be one of my host dad’s favorite things to do. Maybe I’ll get a chance, but for now Vladimir really enjoys walking with Gavrik.

  2. Dad Says:

    Great pics Kev! That shopping place also reminds me of the Arcade in Cleveland, I think Trevor mentioned that on his blog.

    Happy Easter !

  3. Drake Says:

    Looks like you guys are having a pretty good time. Russia seems like a crazy and interesting place. I have been trying to get in touch with Trevor and i was wondering if he is getting his messages through his email. Tell him i said “Happy 21st Birthday”. I am liking all the photos of the places you guys are going . The architecture is amazing!


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