Ясная Поляна, Tolstoy’s Estate (Pictures Aplenty)

May 4, 2010

Дорогие Товарищи (Dear Comrades)

This is the last update I have planned about the past weekend, and I hope you aren’t sick of me yet. You’ll be happy to know that this update will be mostly pictures, and far less of my absent-minded musings about Russia.

On Sunday, we travelled to Ясная Поляна (Yasnaya Polyana) to take a little break from the grind of life in Moscow, and to see where Лев Николайвич Толстой (Lev Nikolaivich Tolstoy) spent most of his life.

The anti-Moscow.

It’s about a two and a half hour bus ride from Moscow, but it was well worth it. The gardens are sprawling and picturesque, and we spent the day exploring them. Our tour guide, Маша (Masha) knew about all there is to know about Tolstoy, and although she only spoke in Russian, I was able to understand nearly everything she said.

On the bus.

Trevor, Graham and Steve outside the gate.

Tolstoy's guest house.

The stone says "Here stood the house in which L. N. Tolstoy was born."

Tolstoy's crib.

Before you can go into Tolstoy's house, you have to put on these sweet leather booties.

Hanging out on Tolstoy's porch. Left to right, Darcy, Ben, Rachel, Jordan and Trevor. Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside.

Group photo outside of Tolstoy's house. Left to right, Adam, Graham, Steve, Trevor, Ben, Katie, Hannah, Darcy, our tour guide Masha, Jordan, Tiana, Andrea, Vera, Rachel, myself, and our liaison Valyery (Валери)

Tostoy's final resting place. He's actually three meters under the grass sarcophagus looking thing.

It's a pretty beautiful place to spend eternity if you ask me.

Vera, Rachel and Masha. Masha kind of looks like the Russian version of Pam from the Office, no?

Aside from being absolutely beautiful and refreshing, it was also a pretty unique experience to stand in the room in which Tolstoy wrote Anna Karenina, War and Peace and essentially most of his work. The house is kept just as it was when he lived there, and all of the things inside, from the dining room table to the ink well still sitting on his desk, were all legitimately Tolstoy’s belongings.

Well, I think that that is quite enough blog updating for one day. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the updates, and I will try to keep them coming.




One Response to “Ясная Поляна, Tolstoy’s Estate (Pictures Aplenty)”

  1. steve davis Says:

    Tolstoy lived by Strouds Run?

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