Wistful thinking…and updates

September 29, 2010

To anyone who is still reading this,

I was paging through my earliest posts on this blog a few days ago, now safely returned to the routine of Casa Nueva and life at Ohio University, when it hit me that I am really glad that I kept this blog during my time abroad. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that memory is far too fleeting for my comfort. Keeping this blog was not only fun for me, but the blog also served as a detailed account of my fondest experiences in Russia that’s always available for me to visit and reminisce about.

I’ve now been stateside for about four months, and I’m realizing that there is plenty of minutiae from my trip that has already been pushed to the corners of my mind. Sure, I remember the highlights, but it’s the small things I’m reminded of when looking at my pictures and reading old entries that bring back the most vivid feelings I had when I was actually there shooting and posting.

In the interests of not letting a single more small detail slip my increasingly crowded mind, I’m working at present to make sure–for my own sake–that the small details of my tale make it onto this blog before I lose them. If anyone is still reading, I hope you’ll share these updates with me. Thanks for all your support throughout.



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