Day one in Moscow

March 24, 2010

Дорогые Друзья!

This post is deceptively titled “Day one in Moscow,” but it really covers the trip as a whole. This will be a pretty short post, however, because my power converter is being quite stubborn and I only have a little bit of battery left.

The night before the big trip across the sea, Trevor, Annie, Nina and I all stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place in Columbus. My aunt Cindy, about whom not an ill word can be spoken, went to great lengths and made us a pan of vegan lasagna.

This is the vegan lasagna in action

Trevor continuing to demolish the lasagna

Trevor getting a little pissed with all the pictures of him and lasagna

After a fun night of catching up with family and making predictions for the trip ahead, we all headed off to sleep. Around 8 the next morning it was time to head for the airport and say our tearful goodbyes.

Just kidding, it was a summit of goofiness and we all said see ya.

There is a lot more I want to say about the last two days, but like I mentioned earlier my computer would rather check out for the evening. Pictures and tales of the flight and first day are forthcoming. Hopefully tomorrow? But don’t hold me to it. Tomorrow will be a big day complete with a bus tour of Moscow, so keep an eye out for that.




One Response to “Day one in Moscow”

  1. Cindy Says:

    It really wasn’t a big deal to make the vegan lasanga. I’m glad you and Trevor liked it. Enjoy your stay and we’ll look forward to your updates!

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